• 11 feb 2015
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  • Lifelong Learning porgramme

This project, named “CHINESECOM – Competences in Elementary Chinese as a mean to improve competitiveness of European Union companies”, is sponsored by the European Union under the Lifelong Learning Programme, (LLP) – Key Activity 2 – Multilateral project.

The project face the problem of the lack of multimedia material adapted to the real needs of the companies’ staff and young students following university or vocational training courses, when they start leaning Chinese.

The project starts by carrying out a research about the real needs of the companies’ staff when they travel to China, as well as those of the schools giving Chinese language courses. Then, a multimedia training course will be produced, based on the highlighted needs.

The course will include 10 Units and will be available on this site, together with other relevant information about the Chinese language and culture, general information about the project and a FORUM.