• 19 sep 2014
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  • Lifelong Learning porgramme

The main aim of the project is the production of a course in standard Romani in multimedia format, based on the European Common Framework of Reference for Languages for the levels A.1 and A.2. It will be used by adults and young people, being suitable for being used by people with a low academic level, common situation in the target group. Complementary products will be three units regarding Roma and Romani

The main target group will be as following:

  • Roma people involved in the formal education (secondary education). These organizations that deal with the target group could get used of the language material involved in order to implement it, helping to the promotion and the reliving of the Romani language.
  • Roma people involved in the adult education (adult alphabetisation).
  • Language schools, in order to include the Romani language as a language to learn. At this point, it is important to emphasize the case of Spain, where roma people claim for it, in order to include the Romani language in the Official Language Schools.
  • The universities will have available a didactic unit that could be used in the general subjects of Philology and History, including information related the language and the culture.
  • Associations related to roma people.